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This neglect. . . of cobwebs and crickets, no? I don’t even know why it has taken me so long to post something. I really have no excuse or explanation. Just plain and simple neglect. Happens with the worst of us. C’est la vie. French always makes things sound better. It is the sugar coating of languages I believe. Oui. And Italian and Spanish are the chocolate fondue of languages. Sexy. Always. Si. Then the irresistible Arabic. Subhanallah! Ah, but then again there is the ever delicious Scottish/Irish brogue. Seductive. Dangerously so. But then the proper British accent is the epitome of charming. Maybe I should use that. I have been actually. This entire post thus far. Can you tell? Charmed, I’m sure. What am I saying? A whole lot of utter rubbish. I’m just rambling on and on. . .  and I love it. I have missed it.

Ms. Neglectful

This is after all my very own little corner plot, no, beach plot, of this vast terrain called the internet where I can just go on and on about something, everything, nothing (which I usually do of course). I am allowed to ramble. And I hope you will indulge me because I have spared you for oh so long. I’m back now. And planning to magnify this. Soon Inshallah. You will see what I mean when I finally do it. I cannot wait! I’m all gleeful and giddy about it. Shinier new “toy” or is it hobby? Both? Passion? Project? All? All. That being said, I am glad to be here once more. Typing something other than official emails. I was listening to Alicia Keys songs while working yesterday and I found myself typing gibberish because I was subconsciously trying to “play the piano” like Ms. Keys. Once I realised what I was doing, it turned into a game. I did it some more.  And I loved it. It was fun. And then I thought about more fun things to do while typing and blogging was number one. So here I am. Yay me.

Image from Google

Image from Google

I have been up to my usual Oshinanegans. Lots of girly things. Lots of guyish things. Lots of other people things. Unfortunately not enough of “ME” things. Been neglecting that as well. But I am reclaiming that necessary “admits one only” lifestyle that I used to have where it was all “of Oshin, by Oshin and for Oshin”. I have been all about everybody else. I need to detach and focus everything inward for a while.  Like I was once told, sometimes you just have to be selfish. And I desperately need and have to be selfish with me! I need to take time to just be. . . me. To shed off all the layers that weigh me down. To decompress. Yes.

Image from Google

Image from Google

While I work my way to that, do have a lovely Sunday.


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