It’s never really just 1+1=2 is it? No, it could never ever be that simple. It’s much more complicated than that! It’s not just about the 1 plus the other 1. There’s some subtraction that comes into it, a lot of division & u better believe a shit load of multiplication if you’re lucky :-p Oh then there’s the whole brackets thing that confuses everything and that’s when the order of operations and the balancing of both sides of the equation come up. When the positive switches to a negative and vice versa. . . How do they put it? Ah yes! ‘Change the side & change the sign’. And oh my goodness you advance and then you have to learn the primes and how to factorize. Numerators and denominators and how the common factors cancel each other out. Odd and even numbers. Then deal with all the x & y components in algebra-the unknowns! And you find out that the simultaneous equations aren’t fun to do at all. Calculating angles! Oh bother! One slight mistake and you’re totally off the mark! Trigonometry and calculus you just can’t handle. The bloody logarithms and square roots and cube roots and the nth power and imaginary numbers and the probabilities. . . don’t even mention statistics! It all gets too complicated. Geometrical sets, graph books, log books, calculators, nothing makes it any easier. Certain formulae just aren’t for you. Not sure whether the lines are parallel or perpendicular? Or maybe it’s just not quite the line of best fit? It may be skewed positively, probably negatively, but with some time and verification the mean mode median and all others make sense. Turns out you just got the data wrong. Or minused before you plused. Or maybe even just forgot where that decimal point was supposed to come in. But alas, in the end its not really the answer that is evaluated but the whole equation. One thing’s for sure though: greater than or less than aren’t equations really. So if one side and the other have < or > between them something was uncertain. Balance is key. There should always be the equals sign. That’s real math. And if you’re just not too good at it or have not been successful with previous sums then all u need is more time and effort. It will work out soon. Math is always gonna be there whether u like it or not so you’re gonna have to do it. And although it’s never easy it’s always interesting and u will learn something new with every calculation.

 I’m sure all my smarties will get this.