I had a dream
I was on the edge
Way up high
I couldn’t see the ground
But I knew you were there
You had to be right?
Because you weren’t up here
You weren’t with me
And I just had to be with you!
It was safe up here
I knew what was what
But it all seemed so plain
Without the thrill of you
And that was what pushed me
Into the unknown!
Oh the rush!
The speed!
The fucking high!
I was falling
Falling hard
Falling fast
Falling falling falling!
And as the ground came rushing up at me
I looked
But I never saw you
And there was no one to catch me
I hit the ground hard
I was broken
Right down to my spirit
And my heart was shattered
Then I saw you!
And asked you why?
You fell too you said
You got hurt too
You were broken too
And you never put the pieces back
You couldn’t help yourself
How could you help me?
So we both just lay there
Then I woke up
And there you were
And here I am
Trying to put you back together
A piece a day.