I can remember the 1st time my girl Kris introduced this devil-may-care slogan! I’d just punked her with a situation that most mortals would be appalled at and warn me against for a plethora of very valid reasons, but no, not Kris! Her response was simply ‘Oshin! It’s all about being young! Live in the moment!’ and boy oh boy was that the start of a whole lotta craziness and fun. . . and potentially danger? Lol. Possible arrests even? Lol (you know what I’m talking about Kris n Lenny). This BE YOUNG business has managed to serve as a philosophy, a motto, an excuse, a validation, an explanation, a dare, incitement and a cause as well! Amazing! Genius! And so bloody true! Most people nowadays get way ahead of themselves. Others feel like they have to come up with convoluted justifications for doing or saying what they do when it’s all too simple. They are just being young. This is after all ‘our time’ as my mum loves to say (rather ‘your time’ as she says it to me) so we had better make the most of it. Because whether we want it or not it’s right here right now and whether we like it or not it will be gone before we know it! And if we won’t let ourselves be young now then we might just end up being those seniors up in the club that we wonder what the fuck they are doing out of bed past their bedtimes taking up our space with their ancientness God forbid. Or worse still, the middle-aged person with no memories from his youth to spare him a nostalgic solace for even a moment. So, for your own sake just bloody BE YOUNG! Because later in life (if blessed enough to live long enough) we will regret the things we never did more than those that we did do. So come on! BE YOUNG! Skinny dip! Take a road trip to nowhere! Kiss in the rain! Say yes to an impromptu plan! Try out some foreign food! Leave a naughty note on someone’s car! Just BE YOUNG DAMMIT!