So… last night I was on Twitter, randomly musing to myself (out loud) as usual talking in what I like to think of as riddles. I used Pizza as an analogy to some situation I felt the need of sharing but not explicitly-you know how it is when you’re trying to be all mysterious but out there simultaneously. My tweet gave mention to pizza and toppings and my girl Alyah (on twitter ) responded asking if I was at Pizza Inn and I very quickly clarified that I was just making reference to pizza and that I wouldn’t be at Pizza Inn anyway because I was talking of toppings and they are very stingy with their toppings. I mentioned that I was a Debonairs girl 🙂

Next thing I knew, I got a tweet from Alyah telling me that I was confusing everyone with my initial tweet and I saw that she had tagged Dial-a-Delivery (Twitter handle ) and I got confused. Then I scrolled down my responses and I found that Dial-a-delivery (which is the name given to the Pizza Inn delivery service) had tweeted me asking what branch of their franchise was stingy with the toppings. This led to a thorough explanation from myself that it was not a particular branch that was not sufficiently gracing my pizzas with ample toppings but that I was making a general comment about how Pizza Inn make their pizzas. I love food. Seriously, I loooooooooooove food! And it’s evident when you look at me or when you speak to me. It is probably the love of my life. You know that quote by Anthelme Brillat-Savarin that says “The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star”? Yes? Then you my friend, must love food & the happiness it brings just like me (much as I’m into stars and sky gazing as well-but that’s a story for another day). I take my food probably more seriously than I should. So if I take a stand like I did with Debonairs then I am very validated in my own right to do so. Now back to my initial story, I went ahead and started explaining to Dial-a-delivery that while I do fancy their pizzas I do not love them. Unless of course it’s Tuesday and I get two for one! Say what you want but I’m not the only one who loves Terrific Tuesdays! I very bluntly said that I do not like that they do not make their pizzas with toppings-you know the standard ones like tomatoes, a few onions here and there, maybe throw on some chillies but rather when I order a chicken Peri Peri all I get is the base, the peri peri sauce & the chicken. while if I make a similar order at Debonairs I get the basic toppings on them as well. I do not need to pay extra to get some good ol’ onions on my pizza like at Pizza Inn.

Now, I know pizza is such a no-fuss meal and you must be wondering why the big deal on my part, so let me explain. A pizza is the most marvelous combination meal ever! It’s all these little things you like about food on one near-flat disc that offers you little slices of heaven. Imagine a bite of some hot chicken pizza right from the oven: the teasing aroma of the spices unapologetically infiltrating your nostrils; the stringy gooey absolutely decadent cheese fusing with the chicken, the herbs, the sweet perfectly cooked onions, the still crispy green bell peppers, the tender tomatoe…maybe some exotic olive forming & breaking and forming again with the salty base with every grinding of your teeth… drooling aren’t you?
Now Imagine just the base, some sauce slapped on, the chicken here and there and some cheese. Feel short-changed huh? Therin lies my fuss pizza is supposed to be all-encompassing. Not like a slice of chapati with some left over curry & chicken bits topped with cheese! Unless of course that’s exactly what you want. Which isn’t the case for me.

Dial-a-delivery and I went on discussing this in DM with the conversation ending with a solemn promise from them to get in touch with me soon as oper my contact details that they asked for. This morning on the bus ride that i loathe to work, I got a call and it was from Pizza Inn. Turns out they took my complaint very seriously! As sunny Bindhra says ”they gave a damn!” I spoke with the caller to yet again recount my grievances and they offered me a free trial pizza today WITH TOPPINGS and my very yummy task is to enjoy it & revert my thoughts on it. Yaaay me! I get a free pizza, just the way I like it all for tweeting in codes!

What I’m happier about is the fact that the team at Dial-a-Delivery on Twitter and the general customer care at Pizza Inn were a very dedicated in ensuring brand love and customer satisfaction is achieved. They were very responsive and kind, even when I was openly complaining about them. This is what it’s all about and i wish other brands would emulate them. If I had an award to give for that I would in an instant. and no, I’m not just saying this coz I get a free pizza. I’m saying it because I felt like a valued client whose opinion mattered. And that is how to treat your client base. So take notes people.

I shall give my honest opinion after indulging in the customized pizza so be sure to catch that. Or not.