Every so often, someone asks you to tell them a bit about yourself or asks you to describe yourself in a sentence or so many words. The question sounds simple enough, and you ask people that yourself all the time. But do you really know how to answer it? Do you really know who you are? Really? Or like myself, do you sometimes find yourself (no matter how expressive and impressive with words and descriptions) mumbling or giving a few of the cliché answers (though a tad polished up)? Oh you know them! Smart, humble, diligent, honest blah blah snail socks! Sure, you’re all those but really isn’t everyone else? Somehow? And isn’t the whole point of someone asking you that question for you to tell them what makes you unique? What makes you special? What makes you YOU???

Also, do you ever wonder why you are the way you are? Why you have OCD or why you bite your nails? Why you get on better with a certain type of person over another? Why you are always late or why you take your cereal straight from the carton? I’m sure your automatic knee-jerk response will be “It’s just how I am.” but, my friend, have you never questioned why?

Well I have. All the time. My persona vis-a-vis the background I’ve had have always made me ponder as to why I behave the way I do. Why I say the things I say in the manner and tone I say them. Why I react the way I’m known to. If you have been in this predicament dear, I’m here to take you one step further into the realization of self. I know what I’m about to share might all sound like pish tosh, poppy cock and bollocks to most but alas! The reason some of you will respond like that is already predetermined by what you will be dismissing! You don’t believe me? Just humour me and go through what I will divulge and then make a conclusion. Deal? OK, here we go!

The first thing that helped me understand myself was the zodiac. I am quite sure I have lost 90% of whoever was reading this now. Relax! I’m not talking about horoscopes here (though I do quite enjoy them and before someone says it’s haram, I do not believe in them). I mean the actual zodiac and the part it plays in your nature. hear me out. your birthday, whether you like it or not, plays a big role in how you turn out i.e your personality and inner workings (no, not your metabolism or cycle so you cannot attribute being overly constipated or cramps to this!). The zodiac has been used by many a civilizations for aeons to decipher the inherent traits of mortals. There are a dozen zodiac signs that each expresses the qualities attributed to those that fall under them. These are a great start in the path of self comprehension. They explain in simple ways the signature characteristic of each zodiac and though they may be broad individuals under the signs can identify with a good percentage of them. Below is a chart of the 12 signs, so based on your birthday, figure out where you belong and do some research on your sign. You will be surprised to find out how much of you can be explained by the stars!

Here a few general pictures of some symbols and the more dominant traits they posess:

The next thing I am going to equip you with is more logical and rational and all those other boring validations! it’s a scientifically designed and approved psychometric behavioral test that seeks to break down and classify your behavior by comparing you to-wait for it-BIRDS!!! Yes my friend. Four birds to be exact. And no! tweeting being ‘fly\ or whatever are not criteria used. Wjhat I’m talking about is called a DOPE Behavioral Test that industrial psychologists use to place people according to their behaviopral patterns. It is called a DOPE test not because it is cool (if you thought that was why please slap yourself) but because it is an angram of the first letters of each of the four birds the test compares you to. D: Dove; O: Owl; P: Peacock & finally E: Eagle!

It is a simple test that involves presenting you with some questions which your responses to will deternime the outcome (much like any test). the key to being correctly placed is to answer as candidly as possible. Do not give a response that you assume will be most suitable and do not respond reflecting what you want to be like. Just be honest with yourself and get the right lable on you. Simple, no? The DOPE test explains behaviors not personalities. If you are interested in doing one please google ” DOPE Behavioral Test”. The results are really accurate in pin-pointing some key aspects of your behaviour patterns that will be sure to have you nodding your head in agreement!

Last but not least, is something I have come to endorse big time! Something that has really been a turning point in my quest to find out just who the hell is Oshin & why isn’t she Shamis? Or is she? (those who know me know what I mean by this). What I am talking about is a test that I keep preaching to everyone nowadays in order to better figure them out or to prove to myself whether my analysis of them is true or false. A typology Indicator test that has been used by many a corporation and government agency to better place individuals in their system. And one that really opens up a whole new dimension to relating to yourself and others. The Myers & Briggs Persoonality test is what I have given this lengthy introduction to!

I learnt of this amazing test from my close friend Mohammed Nur (who I hate to admit is smarter than me-sometimes!). I took it with a very sceptical mindset but when I got my typology report (the result) and started going through it, I was hooked! The Myers & Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) really knew who I was and why I was who I was. It even knew who I wanted to be, who I wanted to be with, what I can and cannot do. . . everything! it’s holistic portrayal of you is remarkably precise and will give you a whole new dimension of realization! It is super! It breaks you down in terms of personality, career, relationships-the whole enchilada! I have become near obsessed with it! I keep asking friends to take it, secretly trying to analyse them myself then comparing the result. And I’m pleased to say most of the time I am pretty close if not 100% right!

The MBTI has 16 categories of typologies based on four pairs of yardsticks: Extroversion Vs Introversion (E Vs I); Sensing Vs. Intuition (S Vs N); Feeling Vs Thinking (F Vs T) and finally Perceiving Vs Judging (P Vs J). Any one individual falls into a particular combination of either one of the two categories in each grouping hence for example one can be an ISTP and another can be an ENTJ or whichever other of the 16 categories. the MBTI dissects them all in keen details and the results are uncanny in their accuracy. I advise any and all of you to take this test! NOW!!! Just go to Google and search for “Myers & Briggs personality test” then do the one on http://www.humanmetrics.com Thank me later.

The above will be able to give you a fundamental explanation of yourself so that you can really know who you are and next time someone asks you that you will be in a better position to describe yourself in away that will truly be a reflection of you! so before you dismiss it all as mumbo jumbo do remember that the proof of the pudding is in the eating! Bon apetit!