I happened to hear someone playing India Arie’s hit song featuring Akon: ‘I Am Not My Hair’ this morning and it inspired this post. I like the fact that India sings about all the different transitions her hair has gone through & that she should not be defined by how she wears it because there is more to her being than what caps it off! It got me thinking about myself and how I wear my hair, why I chose to wear it the way I do and I realized that I AM my hair!


Every time I decide to style my hair in this way or that, it is an outward expression of my inner reflections. It is one of the many ways that I get to let Oshinity shine through.  When I cut my hair, when I straighten it, when I colour it, whatever! It is a non-verbal means of portraying what I feel to the world. It goes to show that I’m always changing. That sometimes I like to be sleek and prim , sometimes I just like to go wild & have fun while others I like to feel elegant & sophisticated. Sometimes it just goes to show that I’m bored and need a quick fix. When I’m down in the doldrums my hair reflects the same. My girl @lizmarami likes to call her hair her ‘lab’ because she always experiments with it. My older sister Dolly was addicted to changing her hair which was a testament to how restless she always was. Even @kamz26 of Kamal’s Korner keeps playing with her hair colour whenever she is bored (which leads to some highly entertaining tweets!) hehehe. Lucky for the lady, Mashallah she has absolutely gorgeous locks that can handle her adventurous nature!

By now you know I love to wear my hair in all manner of styles. Sometimes I wish I could go bald just for a day coz I feel very bold but alas! I could never have the calls to shave. I also like to literally wig out! By that I mean I like to try on all manner of wigs when I’m feeling silly and just laugh at how ridiculous or different I look with different cuts on me. So I decided to put together a slide-show of all my hairy situations that have indeed been tres me depending on my mood. Check it out 🙂


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***Disclaimer: some pics were taken in jest!


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Parting shot: for all the people who like to talk trash about women who wear wigs or weaves keep in mind that there are many reasons why a lady would opt for hair supplements & some of them might be for medical reasons so before you speak, take a minute to think. Cheers.