Sunny Dolat was one of the first friends I made in pre-school during that arts & crafts class I walked into and everybody was playing with plasticine πŸ™‚ He was always that kid with a cool scarf when it was cold! As life went on & we grew into more defined individuals, his keen sense of fashion gained momentum & soon he was styling as part of The Stingo team working with Jim Chuchu. Now he is a professional stylist with Carole Mandi Media for True Love & Drum Magazines. Super proud!

I used to bug him about getting into magazines as a fashion columnist or at the very least starting a blog but he didn’t. So now I have hijacked his words & posting them since he won’t do it himself. I shall be sharing some of his wisdom with y’all right here on Oshinity πŸ™‚ under a section dubbed “Style with Sunny” enjoy & take notes πŸ™‚