Fashion stylist Sunny Dolat lists the top ten must haves for the ladies! How many do you have?


1. The Little Black Dress (LBD):

ok, so Coco Chanel is to be blamed for this but it’s genius!!!! An LBD is THE most versatile thing you can have in your wardrobe. Suitable for any occasion, from black tie to garden party! It can be dressed up or down, it can be layered… the options are limitless with the black dress. The trick with finding an LBD is to find a classic cut that’s timeless and pick a suitable length either just above or below the knee. It’s a definite MUST HAVE!!!

simple LBD

LBD variety

A more risqué LBD

2. A Pair of Heels:

Ok, if you don’t own a pair of heels then something’s terribly wrong!!! I can’t even understand how…as in? If you don’t own a pair, just stop reading this note NOW and go buy a pair!!!! Ok, we all hear what people say…oh heels are bad for your back etc etc etc…yeah? Well, pay no attention to that coz even sleeping on your tummy is bad for your back, so GET A PAIR!!!! Heels are great, they give you excellent posture make you feel ‘on top of the world’ quite literally. If they hurt your feet…SUCK IT UP SISTAH!!!!
“Women are taking over the world…and they’re doing it in heels”

The classic black pump

foe a more adventurous look

strappy white pair

oh la la

go wild!

simple nude

3. A Trench Coat:

Let me tell you why a trench coat is great: on a day that you have an UBER event to attend and you’re looking super d’lish, as you travel between home and the event, you don’t really want everyone to see what you’re wearing, so you throw on a trench and belt it and voila!!! when you get to the event & take the trench off you get to reveal your ensemble with a wow effect!Also, when you’re wearing a scandalous outfit and you can’t quite walk around like that as you get a cab, a trench solves your problem. Besides, a trench can make an otherwise blah outfit look Bomb!!!

From the Burberry Spring 2011 collection

Kim Kardashian rocking that Burberry!

4. A good Pair of Jeans:

A good fitting jean is a must in every woman’s wardrobe, be it a skinny jean or a wide leg jean. MUM JEANS ARE A NO NO !!!!! I don’t even know when they were ever in fashion! Yuck. So invest in a good pair of jeans. And there better be NO MUFFIN TOP!!!!

skinny jeans for the slim

Skinny jeans on a curvy woman

muffin top!!!! never a good look!

5. A Pair of Dress Pants:

you probably want to look for a black pair of wide leg dress pants, they’re great for pairing with colorful blouses or even a blazer. always classy & sophisticated yet subtle.


6. Skirt:

I don’t understand why so many ladies are so reluctant to wear skirts!!! Is it coz of primary and secondary school? awwww…are you traumatised?….awwww…you poor thing! Here’s my advice…GET OVER IT!!!!! Skirts are flattering to ALL body shapes and sizes, and they come in such a variety of styles that it’s impossible for you not to be able to find a skirt that suits them. If you’re worried about bad knees, then get a skirt that ends just below the knee.


Pencil skirt

7. A Day Dress:

dresses aren’t meant to be worn only in the evening, a garden wedding, brunch, casual friday at the office, all these are perfect times to get on your day dress and rock it. Be sure to pay close attention when buying a dress, if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t buy it coz you’ll probably never wear it and if you do, you’ll feel weird and as a result, you’ll look weird :-/ Avoid the more shiny fabrics, those are best suited for the evening.

selection of day dresses

pretty print

8. A Blazer:

Just like men, every woman should invest in a blazer. Men’swear is currently a hot trend in women’s fashion, that’s where all the waist coats came from, and now we’re seeing tuxedos for women, tuxedo dresses etc but that’s not the point, the point is GET A BLAZER. Blazers don’t always have to be worn with pants, wear it with leggings or treggings and BLAZE the way.

cute blazers

for a bolder look
the boyfriend blazer

9. Accessories:

This is A MUST MUST MUST!!!!! No outfit is complete without accessories! Be it a neckpiece or some chunky bangles! I is however good to remember that accessories could either make or break an outfit so be careful, if you’re not too sure, keep it simple. If the outfit has a lot happening at the top, avoid wearing a necklace and opt for some bangles or bracelets, if the outfit includes a long sleeved top with ruffles for example, then all you need is a nice big ring.

multi layered chain

10.  Nothing looks sexier on a woman than CONFIDENCE! Whatever you wear, ROCK IT! OWN IT! Many times I’ve seen ladies  in great outfits but they doubt themselves and keep fishing for compliments, that’s not attractive TRUST ME!

Confidence: own it!!!

So there you have it ladies! Your top ten, now you have no excuse to look ffffwwwwwaaaa!