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If I was anywhere near as expressive as Rumi is in his written depiction of love of people and things, then perhaps I’d have a better way of wording how much I adore his work.  A poet gifted with such a  simple yet striking elegance that has charmed me since I first read an excerpt shared by Paulo Coelho credited to him. I looked him up and absolutely fell in love. His short poems are so enchanting and intoxicate me with all these intense feelings of love and romance while his prose writings are deep and provocative yet really quite simple in context. It’s like magic how he manages to bring out essences of passion, attraction and oneness so effortlessly. When I read his productions I can tell that this is a man who has known all the ecstasies of love, the pains of longing and the despair of hurt and loss. A man human in so many ways yet mystical in his delivery of all related to love and life. There is a certain level of divinity in his poetry that I guess is by virtue of his being a sufi mystic. A Persian born as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī, lived as Rumi and who passed away to leave a beautiful legacy of works that inspire me to find a love (the kind he speaks of) to share them with. Inshallah.