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So, I think it’s about time I did a “What’s in Your Bag?” post 🙂  I had to take the pics with my phone so pardon the picture quality.


my big ol' bag!


My aunt got me this bag recently and I love it! Super huge and dark. I can go anywhere with it and it has enough room to carry anything in it! Even a smurf! hehe. It’s brown & grey and goes with whatever I wear. I usually have what I like to call a staple bag and this is it at the moment. It’s by no one :-p


insides out

Yeah so I took these photos on my office desk! Bet you can tell. These are all the things that make my bag full. Minus a few things like my notebook (which isn’t always in there), some pens and all my candy 🙂 I don’t need anybody getting jealous over my stash & tiaring me dege!!! Weh!  Breaking it down below.



So I could have taken a better photo of this thing but meh! I don’t like it much. Hell, I hardly ever use it! All my billions (I wish) are always scattered in my bag anyway. I don’t know why I bother carrying this thing around anyway. All it has are my club membership cards hehehe. Well now that I have my ID card I could probably throw that in there as well. I want a white wallet though. I have recently fallen for all white everything!



Probably the only time I will not have a book in my bag is when I’m carrying a clutch. I love books. I think they love me back 🙂 When I was younger I’d always try and sneak a book past mummy when shopping at Nakumatt. She always complains that I read too much (as if there is such a thing!) I even used to buy books with my lunch money and fib that I’d borrowed it from a friend 🙂 I especially love buying books from street vendors. Those guys have amazing collections! That’s where I got my current read: “The World & Other Places” by Jeanette Winterson. The book is very weird! I keep reading it, stopping then wanting to read it again. Full of very peculiar short stories. she keeps talking about some dog or other!



I’ve always had problems with my sight, got a pair of glasses when I was 11 then broke them! I didn’t like how I looked in them. Mummy refused to buy me a new pair so mission accomplished woooohoooooo! I ended up with a near dysfunctional right eye after years of letting the left one do all the seeing. Got a new pair, really cool too and I look quite spiffy in them if I do say so myself! Ha! Love the white casing but lipstick stains have spoilt it 😦 Oh and did I mention some girl in the office got the very same pair? UUUgggh! I can NEVER wear these in the office now! And by the way these things made me fall down in the bank and made a spectacle out of me! hhhmmmmmppphhh!!!!


make-up bag

Well, it’s supposed to be a make-up bag but I have all manner of personal hygiene & beauty effects in there. It holds my pads, sanitizer, pocket tissues,oil control tissues, lipbalm/lipgloss/lipstick, colored eye liner, black kohl, cream eyeshadow, nail file, ear buds-you name it! It’s my little pretty purse!



Ok, I used to be one of those girls who used to say “I don’t need foundation! My skin is beautiful enough by itself!” until my friend did my make-up one time & she put some on me first! Whoa! I loved it! It makes everything settle better and reduces that oily shiny unaenda kuuzwa marikiti look! I use it when I have to though, I do not need to get addicted to looking flawless! Plus my skin needs to breathe or whatever. It’s faded but it’s Sleek crème to powder.



Someone please find the person who invented deo so that I can write an ode to him!!! What would I do without deo in my life? Why I would probably smell like those smells I hate! Then I’d have to kill myself! My osmophobia would never allow me to live like that! I wish everybody in the world would carry deo in their bags! The world would be a much better place. Seriously. So many people, like me, get mad at others just over smelling all ripe & sweaty *resists urge to barf* I’m currently using Nivea Angel Star. smells so cute & sweet *smiling as I type this* and it’s pocket sized too!



Still on smelling fresh & lovely, I make sure to have perfume or a Victoria’s Secret body splash in my bag at all times. I have to smell as good as I’d want others to! Lately have been carrying my Nina Ricci apple perfume. Sweet enough for the day yet appropriate for the night too (in case I’m going somewhere directly from the office) so it transitions well. What I love most about it is that it blends well with fruity deos and splashes without losing distinction. Plus I think I’ve been carrying it since Steve Jobs died coz it’s an apple 😦


pocket mirror

This is a cute maroon and gold pocket mirror that my darling bff got for my mummy from Japan (hence the cherry blossom pattern on it that you can’t see clearly thanks to my taking the photo with my camera phone smh). Mummy thinks it’s safely in my room lol. She knows I break things easily so she wouldn’t want me carrying it around. Always comes in handy when I need to fix my make-up or check my teeth for any kitoweo tatanishi hanging around them after lunch hehehe. Plus when I’m bored I just bother people with the whole bouncing light from the mirror thing so it’s entertaining as well.


tub of Vaseline

You never know when you might need some vaseline! And no, I don’t mean like “uh uh girl she did not just say that!!!! I need some vaseline and a razor!!!” type of scenario! Eish! Just coz I’m Somali! I know you were thinking it!



If you’ve seen my hair you know I need to have a tamer around just in case things get crazy up there!!!


charger & spare battery

My phone is my lifeline! It dies, a part of me dies! So I always have to have my charger about my person even when I’m going somewhere that will have no sockets! At least I will know that it’s not my fault. I use my phone all the live-long day & night so it runs outta juice fast! one of my new friends Amani gave me a spare battery recently 🙂 so now when KPLC do their thing I will have backup! Ha! good looking out Amani!


spare accessories

I usually have a bunch of earrings, rings, hair clips blah blah blah lying about in my bag for a quick change if I need to be somewhere right from the office.


glitter lotion

I have no idea why I always have some form or other of glitter lotion in my bag! Wait! I do! I just love glitter lotion! sparkle sparkle!!!


nail polish

I try to keep the nail polish I’m wearing on my hands in my bag most times in case of any chips that I need to fix! make-up bag is too full to keep this in it.



All my keys jumbled up! A nightmare to get from the bottom of that huge bag!


My shades for whenever that sun decides it’s gonna try blind us! Also because I don’t like making random eye-contact on the street on my way to and from home. Just keeps awkward conversations away.

There you have it, my “What’s in Your Bag?” post. sometimes I have an extra pair of shoes in there, I usually have gum, mints or candy-usually a chocolate bar or two- pens, some article or magazine I am reading and anything else I can manage to squeeze in there! I probably spoke more than I should have huh? Oh well! So now it’s your turn!