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Last week I wanted to blog about how lately my family has been on the “When are you getting married?” path but never got around to it. It seems that life has bough me to that age and all the questions, the badgering, the damn unsubtle cues are right on schedule. Truth be told, my family started all this marriage business a couple of years ago when my ayeyo (granny), aunty and uncle thought it comme il faut that I should get betrothed to my cousin. MY COUSIN! But that is a story for another post. . .

At about midnight on Friday after getting back home from some wonderful Oshinanegans involving a lot of shisha, coffee and milkshake, I saw a most curious status update on my girl Faiza’s facebook page. I called her to find out what she meant by it and she said “Oh Oshin! I’m getting married tomorrow!!!” to which my response was a snort and a laugh! How could she be getting married that next day? I knew nothing about it? Needless to say, in my disbelief I bombarded her with so many questions, I felt like Ocampo! She assured me that I would have all my answers soon but just to make sure I’m at Havelli’s at Capital Center the next day at 1900hrs as she would really love it if I could share her big day with her! Aree baba! Just like that!  Last time I saw her I was helping her get her graduation dinner outfit! Now a wedding?

Faiza (middle) at her graduation dinner just 2 months ago!

Next day I was wondering what to wear, how to do my hair and all the rest of the life/death situations we girls face when we need to be somewhere. It then hit me that it’s a Somali wedding and all I had to do was throw on one of my cute diras and I would be fine! Thank god for diras! (yes, I’ve been on a dira campaign lately, sue me! ) I wasn’t feeling too inspired when it came to my hair so I just washed it and combed it into a neat up-do. My girl Hodho & her good friend Jay came to pick me up and off we were! To see if it was really true that Faiza was getting married!!! Because it was all too unreal!

in my dira

We got to Havelli’s to a bevy of Somali women in stunning diras! Jay, being Eritrean, had never really appreciated them until she saw all the unique designs from the flamboyant to the classic. She fell in love which was a natural reaction to the beauty that was around! Immediately we got in I saw a gorgeous lady with the most fabulous highlights on her hair & a one-shoulder belted dira that I just couldn’t get enough of! In true Oshin fashion I stopped her to compliment her, got the number of her hair dresser and she explained how she designed the dira. What a doll! Too bad I couldn’t take any pics of the fashionable ladies as nobody would sit still! All I got was a pic with a 10 year old girl dressed up like a grown woman!

Hodho, the little big girl and I


With Hodho



Speaking of sitting, we finally got 3 seats together and started enjoying the fruit juice cocktails & bitings that the waiters were bringing around. Yummy. Especially the fish kebabs *drool*. I never ever dance at weddings but I was soo excited that I just couldn’t restrain myself. Too bad when I got to the dance floor the Arabic music was switched to Somali music that I really don’t know how to dance to. The crowd loved it and the floor was packed the entire time. After about an hour the bride finally made her debut! Aree baba! did she look like a dream!!! Mashallah!

the beautiful bride


Faiza with her bridesmaid (I think)

We rushed to take photos of her and I was starting to feel oddly emotional. I basically had to threaten my eyes not to shed those happy tears they were eager to! What the hell happened to me? I’m never the one who cries at weddings o airports or at anything for that matter unless I’m alone! And there I was on the verge of tears because the sight of my friend in a wedding gown glowing as all brides should struck something deep within me. Let me just explain here that I never expected to hear Faiza tell me she is getting married so soon! She was always the one we all knew was going to have all her fun for as long as she could before even considering it! A hopeless romantic like myself, yes, but Faiza!? Oh how life takes over!


We got to say hi and congratulate her and take a hurried picture as there was an old grump in a red dira and Nike sneakers next to her sneering and convoluting her face every which way making snide remarks in Kisomali. I have no idea who she was and why she was there but she needed to OD on the chill pill! Eish! I was glad that only Faiza knew us at the wedding as I’m not a fan of all the questions, stares and tut tutting that comes with being a free spirit within a roomful of perpetually judging old hags! I was free to do whatever i wanted. Like jump off the stage in my heels to get a better shot of the bride! Heheheh. my Lara Croft moment! The groom came to join her shortly and we had to go congratulate him as well. Cute lad, somewhat shy, which being about the only male in a female only affair and being the central focus must instigate!

as he joins her


bibi na bwana


the bride & her darling sister Hibo

It was time to eat and to my utter delight it was Indian cuisine just as I’d hoped seeing as the restaurant was Indian. We ate, and danced some more, then came time for the bride & groom to dance together. This was hilarious to me s they were holding each other at arms length! I believe they were already legally married so why not get closer? Cultural factors I guess. they were joined by family and then they left the floor to the guests once more. I loved seeing the traditional Isaq wedding dance called the ‘Hero’ (not sure if I spelt it correctly. There was an ancient looking woman singing to the beating drum in the most raspy voice ever but that did not in any way impede the fun.

the dance (excuse poor pic quality)

Alas! Time came for the newly weds to depart and on her walk out Faiza just launched her bouquet behind her! Hahahah nobody expected that and a very elderly lady caught it so it had to be tossed again, this time with all the single ladies that were about her at the ready. I sat this one out because I have caught many a bridal bouquet in my life.  . . Well. 3 of them, all at my cousins’ weddings and I was barely 18! Just more agile than the rest lol. I let the rest of the girl have a go at this one. I was so thrilled for faiza mashhallah & wishing her the best in her new shoes (really lovely shoes hse had on btw) as a wife! MABRUQ!!!