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It’s Thanksgiving again in another part of the world. I wish it was a global holiday; the essence of it is admirable and one that should be emulated. If for one day you HAD to remember that you are indeed grateful for something, no matter what your situation, you would be more content if not happier. I remember posting about thanksgiving on one of the many blogs I’ve had before and I’m pretty sure nobody got to see it as it was a very private blog-a journal of sorts. Here it is:



Some thanksgiving is in order

This has not been an easy year in a myriad of ways and Ive never felt so helpless and hopeless about life. But I’m still here. . . As much as it takes everything I’ve got just to wake up and act normal. There’s so much I wish I could change, even more I need God’s help on. But I decided that in the spirit of thanksgiving (which I dont observe) I will try my best to list a few things that I should be grateful for, even though I haven’t really been in a while. So here it goes:

I’m thankful that I have a clean bill of health and that I am physically n mentally capable of taking care of myself;

I’m thankful that my family too is healthy and well (and for those who aren’t I’m grateful it isn’t getting worse);

I’m thankful that I have friends that always tolerate me and my drama and mood swings. You help more than you could ever fathom;

I’m thankful for the escape that books and tv afford me;

I’m especially thankful for madre mia. Enough said;

I’m thankful that God made me a tolerant resilient strong woman coz those are the only things keeping me from breaking;

I’m thankful for everyone that has helped me in one way or another, even when they don’t realize the impact their help has on me;

Most of all I’m thankful that my faith has not waned, that my God is still my rock and that I know He will see me through whatever!

P.s I’m grateful 4 myspace, facebook n twitter! What would I do without em? Lol.


This year I’m better off Alhamdulillah! I’m still very grateful for all the above and more. I am blessed even when my simple human mind does not comprehend. God is soooo good to me. I need to prove I’m worthy. Be thankful, be gracious, be kind, be blessed.
p.s. I think it’s awesome how first you have this day where you give thanks for everything you have then Christmas comes up and you get to ask for things you want and not the other way around 🙂