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Lindt Lindor Black (courtesy of Google)

“Lindt Lindor” it says on the black wrapper. The gold lettering looks quite regal and yet warm. I smile. I’m tempted to just go right ahead and unwrap my way to Nirvana but I remind myself that I must be patient for the ecstasy will be divine. . .  if I do it right. So I hold the little tease in my hand and count to 30 (Mississippily like Ross from FRIENDS) barely able to contain myself.

“Thirty!” I whisper, and slowly, very slowly, as if the balance of the tilt of the earth’s axis depends on my stealth and composure, I untwist the ends of the wrapper then unfold it to reveal the dark chocolate outer shell of my dear sweet Lindor. I salivate, I can’t help it. My senses have excellent memory and from the moment my hands touched the beauty I was in turmoil! Now that my eyes are seeing it, my mouth is ready to pounce and go in for the kill!

(courtesy of Google)

So I sink my teeth into it and oh baby baby my head starts spinning when the soft chocolate core that melts when exposed to mild heat (hence I had to hold it for a bit) deliciously drips and flows as the most dangerously amazing semi-liquid dark chocolate elixir ever! I stifle a cry, thank the Swiss for their most cherished gift to humanity, lick my lips and eye the next one in line. . .

ooh la la the soft meted core flowing into the hard shell (courtesy of Google)

The Lindor soft core must be sourced from the chocolate rivers in Heaven and the hard shell must be made in the fiery pits of Hell because to be soooooo good and soooooo bad in such a painfully sublime manner no other explanation will do.