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After my loooooong post yesterday about the Amouage range of perfume (read it here) Melissa somehow managed to get the creative director of The House of Amouage: Christopher Chong to have a lookie. I paid him my compliments in the said post over the stunning promos for the fragrances. I loved them. Christopher Chong (yes, I will keep calling him by his full name!) actually did read my post, was humerous enough to LOVE it and not sue me for defamation. For that I thank him.

Christopher Chong – Amouage: Creative Director

I mentioned to him and Melissa that the Amouage collection somehow made me think of Tamara Al-Gabbani‘s goddess clothing line. Tamara Al Gabbani was inspired by the goddesses of epochs past, myths and legends known to be beautiful, attractive, strong, feminine, graceful and powerful! The peplos type flows and cuts of her line really capture the “out-of-this-world” attitude of the ancient goddesses and their clothing. to add personality to majesty, emirates’ Sweetheart has named each of her designs after a woman that has inspired her in one way of another. Every single goddess creation has a woman’s name by which to identify it and I think that is lovely.

Tamara Al Gabbani

The reason my mind paired Amouage & goddess was their striking use of color (perfume bottles & promos as well as dress colors); the whimsical, ethereal, flowy, other-worldly way in which the dress shots and the perfume posters have been captured and presented; the absolute class that both brands exude and of course the fact that they are both Arab-based.

***NB: My paring below is based ONLY on the look, feel, colors and depiction of the perfume and the dresses. I will try and make the relations where I can. Enjoy.


The Sara – Goddess collection (courtesy of http://www.etsy.com)

I imagine Madame butterfly wearing this waiting for her inamorata at the alter . .   only he isn’t coming! The concept & look of Honour goes with this very well. The white flowing dress is a beautiful depiction of the white florals that are at the very core of this fragrance.

Amouage Honour promotional poster (courtesy of Google)

Amouage Honour for women (courtesy of Google)


The Maria Therese – goddess collection

A rose by any other name is still a rose, but a rose by any other look is definitely this gorgeous show-stopping gown! I love it! Such a powerful color! This one, I feel, would go well paired with Amouage Lyric.

Amouage Lyric promotional poster (courtesy of Google)

Amouage Lyric for women (courtesy of Google)


The Noora – Goddess collection

Gorgeous dress, playful yet regal looking, seductive, bold! From the look of Amouage’s Interlude fragrance this looks like the perfect pairing! No?

Amouage Interlude promotional poster (courtesy of Google)

Amouage Lyric for women (courtesy of Google)


The Nadia – goddess collection

I like The Nadia: simple yet makes a statement. The contrast between softness of its lines and the audacious attraction of the canary yellow make it a winner.

Amouage Dia promotional poster (courtesy of Google)

Amouage Dia for women (courtesy of Goolge)


The Silje – goddess collection

The fuchsia is so romantical it almost makes me swoon! Just looking at this dress makes me euphoric: like I have a reason to be jubilant! Hence why I think Jubilation  25 (by virtue of the name) is suited with it.

Amouage Jubilation 25 for women (courtesy of Google)


The Zeina – goddess collection

Some things, like this dress, I can only describe as joie de vivre! The ebulience beams at you like a warm summer sun shining its brilliant light through a green canopy of palm leaves. Why not go with Ciel for this?

Amouage Ciel for women (courtesy of Google)


The Julie- goddess collection

That pose is EPIC!!!! ’nuff said!

Amouage Epic promotional poster (courtesy of Google)

Amouage Epic for women (courtesy of Google)


The Fatma – goddess collection

I know Melissa will love this dress because she adores the teal-like color. At least she did last i saw her. I know I love it. Looks like a fairy or a beautiful butterfly! Mystique! I want it! And Mel, I’ve paired it with your fave. . . Memoir!

Amouage Memoir promotional poster (courtesy of Google)

Amouage Memoir for women (courtesy of Google)


The Rozan – goddess collection

What do you get when you cross a legendary amazon warrior princess and the right amount of glam? THIS DRESS!!! Glamdiator anyone? If love is a battlefield I know what my armor is! (okay okay i’ve stopped with the puns). O course you only wear gold with gold!

Amouage Gold promotional poster (courtesy of Google)


The Seda – goddess collection

Do I even have to explain it? aree baba!

Amouage reflection for women (courtesy of Google)

I thank Tamara for being a darling and allowing me to use her designs on this post. Exquisite gowns love! be sure to check out the rest of her designs on her website.

P.S. Michelle Rodriguez has been spotted strutting in a goddess dress on the red carpet! Glam!!!